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“Dr. Irena did her intrapreneurialism mentoring program with our high-potentials. She guided participants step-by-step. It’s not just a skill or behaviour that they learn but also a process. The outcomes for the business were fantastic. We had projects ranging from launching an app to help our sales teams be more effective, to improving efficiencies and reducing costs in many of our processes and simple things like enhancing team culture and productivity. The estimated value of the work delivered by the participants was calculated to be over $1,000,000.”

Brendan Baker
3M Leadership & Talent Development Manager, Australia & New Zealand

Thank you for a great Creating Intrapreneurs in the Public Sector program. It gave me back self-belief and confidence that I do have good ideas. I was almost at a point of giving up and becoming the type of public servant that people always joke about – but I now have an enthusiasm and focus that I haven’t had in a while. Thank you.

Qld Gov Employee

Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw assisted us to develop our leaders and sustain a culture of innovation in QCT. Her work is exceptional. She is an engaging facilitator with deep understanding of leadership and innovation and how to create an environment for innovation to thrive. There were immediate benefits for us such as enhanced communication and relationships across the organisation with much greater willingness of staff to contribute ideas and participate in making change happen; thinking differently about the challenges facing us; and increased confidence in developing innovative solutions. Participants enjoyed her warm personality and willingness to ensure individual needs were met.

John Ryan
Queensland College of Teachers

Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw was the keynote speaker for our North Queensland Region Technical forum themed Unleashing Potential. She was the ideal person to create the right tone for the delegates and to warm them up for the two-day program. Her powerful and highly effective delivery style was one of the event highlights. She captivated us all with her presence by inviting audience engagement in a highly participative and interactive learning journey which equipped our leaders with the skills to create more innovative, high performing workplaces. Dr. Irena will help unleash the hidden potential of your employees.

A. Cullen
Executive Director RoadTek
Department of Transport and Main Roads

“Dr Irena’s Human Helium Intrapreneurialism mentoring program has unique content and fabulous delivery with real-life examples. I would highly recommend it not only for budding leaders but also seasoned ones as it helps to nourish the ‘Intrapreneur’ concept within the organisation.”

P. Gaikwad
Product Manager Medical Solutions Division
3M - Sydney

“I love effective processes! So I love the structure that Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw provides in her Human Helium mentoring program for intrapreneurs for influencing and implementing innovation and change through intrapreneurialism.”

W. Boulton
Department of Housing and Public Works


For aspiring intrapreneurs who want a springboard to launch their careers.

The job market is super competitive right now. I wish I could find a way of differentiating myself and showcasing my abilities.


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Differentiate yourself in a competitive job market!

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  • Full access to Intrapreneur Magazine



For intrapreneurs who want to take control and responsibility for their own professional development

As an intrapreneur, I don’t want to rely on my employer for my ongoing PD. It would be great to find an affordable way of growing my professional skills and network long term.



Develop your career and brand to stand out in a noisy world.

Let us support you in your intrapreneurial journey and help you shape your brand and increase your impact as an INTRAPRENEUR.

Learning and Development Brand and Reputation
Community and Contribution
  • Immediate access to our diverse, online acceleration library
  • Monthly masterclasses with global thought leaders
  • Online courses to grow your skills as an intrapreneur and a leader
  • Full access to Intrapreneur Magazine packed with the latest industry intel from around the world.
  • Exclusive digital badge for your CV and LinkedIn
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Join us in the quest to liberate intrapreneurialism.

 Let’s pool our talents to solve problems worth solving and shape the emerging future. 

Our world needs intrapreneurs like YOU more than ever before.




For future-focussed leaders who want to build a culture of intrapreneurialism in their team or organisation.

The challenges before us means we need to innovate our way into the future. We would like to find ways of tapping into the enterprising talent of our people – at scale.


Corporate Membership

The future success of your organisation lies with your INTRAPRENEURS!

Create a critical mass of intrapreneurs in your organisation with our corporate packages.


A growing library of high-quality resources accessible anywhere, anytime designed specifically to develop and inspire intrapreneurs so they can bring even more value to your organisation
Access to and conversations with global thought leaders via live monthly member masterclasses to keep them on the cutting edge of current global trends
A rich and vibrant global community of intrapreneurs from all sectors and all corners of the world, dedicated to supporting, inspiring and networking with each other
Full access to INTRAPRENEUR MAGAZINE which is the official publication of the Institute
A digital badge for your intrapreneurs and your organisation
Initial ‘kick-start’ strategy session with GII Founder Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw to align program with strategic goals
Presentation and Q & A with Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw for a group of your choosing (ELT, Innovation Team, HR)
Ready-made resources, assessments and ROI calculators for team leaders to use in meetings to raise awareness, build skills and support project outcomes
Presentation pack resources for senior & executive level leaders
Mentoring and support for team leaders and/or champions delivering the presentations, building a culture of innovation and progressing important innovation projects
On-line training program for employees to develop the qualities of an intrapreneur
Presentation spot at the Global Intrapreneurs Summit to showcase your intrapreneurial success to a global audience
An article in INTRAPRENEUR MAGAZINE which is the official global publication of GII
Eligibility for annual global intrapreneurial awards
Assistance in setting up corporate social impact initiatives
Work personally with Dr. Irena
Custom designed programs
Coaching by Dr. Irena for key people to mentor them through the process of becoming intrapreneurs and leaders of intrapreneurs.
Participants will progress a major high value project that aligns with organisational goals in parallel with learning and leading Dr. Irena’s intrapreneurial methodology


Starter Pack
Ideal for organisations wanting to RAISE AWARENESS about INTRAPRENEURIALISM across the organisation and support employees with an appetite for starting or accelerating their intrapreneurial journey

$1,500 AUD /Year

Max 25
Team Members

Growth Pack
Ideal for organisations that want to unleash talent to build a culture of intrapreneurialism

$5,850AUD /Year*

*Launch price
Valid Until 30th September 2021

Accelerator Pack
Ideal for organisations that are ready to fast-track their transformation

How do you know if you're an Intrapreneur?

Are you

An Opportunity finder who sees possibilities and envisions the future ?

Are you

A resourceful problem-solver who gets results and breaks through barriers to progress?

Are you

An agile learner who learns what you need to, when you need to ?

Are you

An Iconoclast who challenges the status quo and out-dated thinking and practices ?

Are you

A risk taker who re-purposes failure and becomes stronger through challenges ?

Are you

A creative thinker who looks at the world with fresh eyes and curiosity ?

Are you

Someone who wants to be a positive change agent and make a meaningful, purpose-driven contribution to your enterprise and beyond?

Are you

Someone who takes action and harnesses resources to bring ideas to fruition ?

Are you

Someone who takes control of your career and reputation and are prepared to continually learn, challenge and develop yourself ?

Membership of the GII is a smart way to formalise and recognise the hard work we have done as intrapreneur practitioners over the years. It is also a much needed creative and challenging space to grow new ideas, seek out experienced advice and fall into life-changing conversations and connections. A community is only as good as its contributors and the Institute has been founded by luminaries in the field. The masterclasses and support are world-class and we are building a powerful coalition for organisational disruption and change.

Jane Hedger.
Transformational Executive and Board Chair
Public Sector

My experience as a member of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute has been insightful. The GII provides a new and thought-provoking look into getting the best out of people by unleashing their intrapreneurial skills. It lays out the blueprint of how to unleash an intrapreneurial mindset and how organizations can leverage the same to find and exploit change and innovation opportunities.

Yusuf Mutamba
Innovation Manager. The Innovation Village. Kampala. Uganda.
The Innovation Village Uganda

As a Foundation Member of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute I’ve been delighted with the value it has represented right out of the gate. Although this is a brand-new initiative, the recognition, networking and new associations with like-minded people have been excellent! Even more, the monthly online “Masterclass” is second to none. I’ve enrolled for many webinars over the years, but nothing comes close to the value I have gained from these Masterclasses. The quality of speakers, along with the interactivity, and networking makes them well and truly great value.”

Mike Harris
Director and Consultant
Aviation Innovation Consulting Services

I am so glad to be a member of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute(GII). My PhD research was about Intrapreneurial behaviour and the organisational conditions that inspire and evoke the intrapreneurial talents of employees.

Becoming a member of GII has been a fantastic opportunity for me to network with other intrapreneurs and intrapreneurial organisations. I have appreciated the opportunity to work with wonderful people like Dr Irena who has the passion to inspire current and future intrapreneurs while also helping organisations to capitalise on the under-utilised intrapreneurial talents of their people.

Members of GII are also privileged to have access to a wide range of resources such as recordings of their world-class Masterclass sessions, eBooks and interviews to gain powerful insights from people who are leading the intrapreneurial movement across the globe.

Dr. Deepthi Wickramaarachchi
Business school, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

I`m so proud to be a member of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute. Besides the new approach they gave me, I also feel more accompanied in the ‘adventure’ of innovation. My work in higher education is focussed on nurturing entrepreneurs but I am an INTRAPRENEUR so it is wonderful to associate with the other intrapreneurs in the institute who are all also committed to creating value in their own way.

Agustin Arieu
Dean Faculty of Management and Entrepreneurship Centre
Flores University. Buenos Aires. Argentina

The Global Intrapreneurs Institute is where changemakers can connect as we each need to navigate ways of overcoming mainstream BAU mindsets; we need to build our own ‘community of practice’. That’s what GII is for me – a movement of intrapreneurs enabling progress through action!

Warwick Peel
Regional Director
AU / NZ Ideascale

If you are looking for a ‘tribe’ that gets you, then I’d encourage you to join the Global Intrapreneurs Institute. I am usually cautious about where I direct my time and resources and have been impressed by the engaging and relevant support GII extends to its members. As my career has been deliberately a diverse mix of experiences underpinned by a strong personal purpose, it’s refreshing and actually comforting to be around people who value me for being different, thinking different and wanting to make a difference.

Dr. Mark Glasebrook
Melbourne. Australia

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