We are passionate about unleashing human potential that will solve problems for people and planet.


We support employees to be confident, skilled, value creators, creative problem-solvers and opportunity finders.  


We help organisations to be intrapreneurial by evolving their culture, leadership and workforce.


Let us support you and your organisation in your intrapreneurial journey. We have a range of presentations, workshops and mentoring programs that upskill people to be successful intrapreneurs.


Become an Accredited Intrapreneurial Organisation or a Certified Coach for Intrapreneurs. Announce to the world that you are a successful intrapreneur with our Professional Certificate of Intrapreneurialism. Find out more about our certifications. 


Intrapreneurs are the most valuable of all employees. They are the ones who drive positive change, transform their organisations, innovate relentlessly and create a thriving and robust intrapreneurial culture. We believe they should be recognised and celebrated.   

Intrapreneurs are the enterprising employees who think and act like entrepreneurs while working INSIDE an organisation. We are an on-line educational institution with a wide range of resources, experiences and learning opportunities to empower you, your teams and your organisation to be successful Intrapreneurs!

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It is wonderful to associate with other intrapreneurs in the Institute who are committed to creating value in their own way.

adventure of innovation.
Agustin Arieu
Dean Faculty of Management and Entrepreneurship Centre
Flores University. Buenos Aires. Argentina

GII has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to network with other intrapreneurs and intrapreneurial organisations.

Dr. Deepthi Wickramaarachchi
Business school, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

The Institute has been founded by luminaries in the field. We are building a powerful coalition for organisational disruption and change.

Jane Hedger.
Transformational Executive and the Board Chair. Australia
Public Sector

GII is a truly transformative community of change catalysts and innovators sharing the same passion for generating value in their organizations.

Isabelle Lagadic
Assoc. Professor, Northern Kentucky University
Northern Kentucky University, USA

GII provides a new and thought provoking look at getting the most out of people by unleashing their intrapreneurial skills.

Yusuf Mutamba
Innovation Manager. The Innovation Village. Kampala. Uganda.
The Innovation Village Uganda

The Global Intrapreneurs Institute provides access to world class innovators and thought leaders. It fulfills an important role in elevating and expanding the global conversation about intrapreneurialism.

Sarah Norman
Sarah Norman. Founder. The Futures Practice. Australia.
The Futures Practice

Intrapreneur: How leaders ignite innovation, break bureaucracy and catalyse change

Global Intrapreneurs Institute News

Germany’s First PCI Graduate

GII is proud to congratulate and recognise Roland Wunderlich Director OEM Programs at Lufthansa Technik Hamburg as Germany’s first graduate from our Professional Certificate of Intrapreneurialism.



Special Event

Join Jim Link CHRO of SHRM and Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw CEO of GII to learn about the evolving tole of intrapreneurialism in the new world of work. Register here.


Many thanks to Christophe Stremez from France who presented his interesting and compelling research about the strong link between intrapreneurialism and talent attraction/retention in our last masterclass.

Watch recording here.

Congratulations to our CEO

We are thrilled to announce that our CEO, Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw has been appointed as an Adjunct Fellow to Griffith University Business School.

2023 Award Nominations

This year we had an incredible response to our Award Nominations! Register for #GISA23 to find out about the remarkable work being done by intrapreneurs around the world.

PennState’s First Intrapreneurship Conference

Congratulations to PennState for hosting an extremely successful inaugural Intrapreneurship conference where our CEO Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw gave the opening keynote.

Register for the 2023 Summit and Awards

Registrations are now open for #GISA23 on the 9th of Nov in two time zones.


Intrapreneurial Organisation

GII is proud to be working with AIS Water as they progress their accreditation to Intrapreneurial Organisation Status by creating an intrapreneurial workforce and culture.

New Partnership

GII is proud to be partnering with the Schwab Foundation, Salesforce and Uplink for the Global Corporate Changemakers Challenge.

The Intrapreneur Revolution

The Intrapreneur Revolution

GII congratulates Agustin Arieu from Argentina (long-time friend and supporter of GII) on his new book THE INTRAPRENEUR REVOLUTION. Prologue written by our CEO Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw. Purchase here from Amazon