A world where organisations and businesses are engaging, vibrant, future-ready places where people can develop and use their intrapreneurial talents to reach their full potential and create a positive impact in their workplace and the world.


To liberate underutilised intrapreneurial talent within workplaces in order to unleash the next wave of sustainable and ethical productivity, prosperity and creativity which will benefit not just organisations but also the individuals who work within them as well as the broader community.

We do this through education, training and support so that people can make their highest contributions to their teams, workplaces and the world while feeling empowered and fulfilled.  


We believe that education and opportunity are the keys to unlocking the abundance of talent that currently languishes within organisations and businesses. If harnessed, this underutilised capacity could transform companies, communities and countries.

Our aspiration is to support, advance, showcase and celebrate the work of intrapreneurs at all levels, in all sectors and in all parts of the world through learning and development by teaching the pathways and processes by which intrapreneurs can turn talent into value.

We believe that intrapreneurs globally will be instrumental in a post-covid recovery where their predispositions to entrepreneurial thinking; creative problem-solving; lifelong learning; opportunity finding; curious questioning and agile action-taking will help transform and sustain organisations that are currently facing unprecedented challenges. Their efforts will shape the emerging future and help to rebuild, reengineer and redesign organisations and businesses so they can adapt and thrive in the new world.

Our commitment to intrapreneurs and intrapreneurialism is based on the belief that there is an urgent need to find and develop the people who hold the key to the next wave of prosperity and innovation for businesses and that liberating this talent will also create more engaged, satisfied, fulfilled, purpose-driven employees.

To this end the Global Intrapreneurs Institute offers educational programs, workshops, resources, networking and other experiences, a supportive global community and opportunities for individual intrapreneurs as well as intrapreneurial organisations to build their reputation and brand so they can be recognised for their efforts and contributions.

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