The world of work has been radically transformed due to Covid. Wise organisations are moving quickly to upskill their workforce and drive transformation in order to thrive in this new world. Innovation is more important than ever. This means that the people who drive innovation – INTRAPRENEURS – have become a highly valuable corporate asset. 

Intrapreneurs are that special breed of employee who think and act like entrepreneurs but while still working inside an organisation or business. These are the people who use their curiosity, creativity, initiative and passion to solve problems which advance the organisation’s goals and impact, evolve business models, serve customers, bring in new technology, find new revenue streams and generally create value. Even before Covid, the Financial Times[1]  described intrapreneurs as “the next big trend” and a “vital component” of successful workplaces of the future. Then last year, as the world scrambled to adapt to the new reality catalysed by Covid, Global Recruiting firm Michael Page identified Intrapreneurialism as being the ‘must-have’ skill for 2020[2]. And now as we face a post-Covid world, numerous respected publications are highlighting the role of intrapreneurialism in organisational success. For example, CSIRO recently released a report entitled Thriving through innovation: Lessons from the top[3].  In it, corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurialism) is identified as the most important factor for firms wanting to “play at the top”. All this means that people who identify as intrapreneurs and have a track record of intrapreneurialism – will increasingly be in high demand.

Smart employers know that the future belongs to those businesses and organisations who can successfully adapt, stay relevant and be future-ready. And they want employees who are going to be able to help them with that mission and actively (and pro-actively) contribute to the organisation’s evolution, transformation and success. Workers who can do that will be rewarded with unprecedented opportunities.

in a world where careers are evolving in very non-traditional, fluid ways, being an intrapreneur will enhance career opportunities, long-term earning potential and professional satisfaction.

Writer George Crane famously said, ‘There is no future in any job. The future lies in the person who holds the job.’ Employees who are lifelong learners, who actively and independently seek out opportunities to extend themselves, who constantly develop their entrepreneurial mindset – will increasingly become the most sought-after talent for progressive workplaces.

Bottom line – intrapreneurialism is the new career path for enterprising employees.

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[1] Intrapreneurs are the people driving corporate change.

[2]Intrapreneurship declared ‘must-have’ skill for 2020.

[3] CSIRO 20-00246-ASX Thriving through innovation survey.pdf