Coach Accreditation

Become a GII Accredited Coach for Intrapreneurs

The world of work is going through a massive transformation right now. Workplaces are seeking INTRAPRENEURS to help them to find opportunities, solve problems and rise to the challenges of our VUCA (Volatile. Uncertain. Complex. Ambiguous) world. Consequently, there has been an explosion of interest in INTRAPRENEURIALISM and a demand for INTRAPRENEURS within organisations.

However, this is still an emerging area which means that there are limited upskilling and training opportunities available for progressive leaders and organisations who want to become known and differentiated for their intrapreneurialism.

To meet this pressing need The Global Intrapreneurs Institute has launched a unique program and curriculum to upskill employees into INTRAPRENEURS. It is the world’s first Professional Certificate of Intrapreneurialism.

The Institute is seeking experienced professionals who understand and are knowledgeable in the areas of intrapreneurialism, change, innovation and transformation and who have a track record in this field, to become accredited coaches in this exciting, fast growing new area.

Ideal For

  1. Consultants and coaches who want to add another income stream to their portfolio
  2. Corporate professionals tasked with organisational transformation or workforce learning and development such as:
  • HR professionals
  • Learning and development managers
  • Innovation managers
  • Team leaders

Contact us for more information and to submit an expression of interest.