Corporate Memberships

Do you need employees who can think outside the box and solve problems independently? Do you want people who turn up to work motivated and passionate about helping you grow your enterprise? Would you like employees who can bring in more money and diversify revenue streams? How would it feel to have people around you who LOVE and are invested in your business as much as you are?

    Employees who do this are called ….. INTRAPRENEURS! 

    Create a critical mass of INTRAPRENEURS in your organisation!


    Corporate Memberships

    Build the intrapreneurial skills of your workforce at scale. Bulk purchase annual GII membership for your employees. (+GST if in Australia)

    Up to 25 employees $2000
    Up to 50 employees $3,500
    Unlimited number $5,000

    What’s included?

    • Skill building at scale with on-line training programs for your employees
    • GII library resources accessible anywhere, anytime designed to develop, support and inspire your intrapreneurs
    • Live masterclasses with global thought leaders
    • Opportunity to connect and network with intrapreneurs in other organisations
    • Digital membership badge for your employees to display on social media
    • Digital membership badge for your organisation to use as a powerful brand differentiator


    Presentation and Q and A for your Executive Leadership Team (or a group of your choosing e.g., Innovation Team, HR, L and D team) with Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw founder of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute.

    If you would like a more structured approach to developing intrapreneurialism in your organisation, check out our certifications and accreditations.

    • Skill up your key people with the Professional Certificate of Intrapreneurialism so they can skilfully and confidently drive intrapreneurial initiatives across your organisation
    • Accredit internal coaches who will ensure that people and projects align with your organisation’s strategy and goals
    • Apply for Accredited Intrapreneurial Organisation status in order to:
        • Build the intrapreneurial skills of employees at scale to ensure your organisation is resilient, relevant and future-ready.
        • Create an intrapreneurial culture that supports and sustains employee engagement, productivity and loyalty which in turn flows into customer satisfaction and organisational success.
        • Attract top intrapreneurial talent to your organisation who want to work in and contribute to your intrapreneurial culture.
        • Elevate your organisation’s brand and reputation to provide a point of differentiation in a noisy world.
        • Produce a constant stream of new initiatives so that the organisation can innovate on a continuous basis.
        • Ensure a pipeline of skilled-up intrapreneurial leaders within the organisation ready to rise to the challenges of a fast-changing world.