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 Do you need employees who can think outside the box and solve problems independently? Do you want people who turn up to work motivated and passionate about helping you grow your enterprise? Would you like employees who can bring in more money and diversify revenue streams? How would it feel to have people around you who LOVE and are invested in your business as much as you are?

Employees who do this are called ….. INTRAPRENEURS! 

INTRAPRENEURS  bring their enterprising spirit and talent to work every day to create VALUE. They are not necessarily in OFFICIAL leadership roles although they often ACT like leaders. They are the source of energy and creativity that will enable your organisation to harness change and innovation opportunities. They are the future of your organisation. 

Create a critical mass of intrapreneurs in your organisation with our corporate packages. Bring out the best in your peopleTurn your employees into INTRAPRENEURS. NOW is the time to liberate and nurture the talent in your workforce.


Library resources accessible anywhere, anytime designed to develop and inspire intrapreneurs.
Masterclasses with global thought leaders.
Networking with a global community of intrapreneurs.
INTRAPRENEUR MAGAZINE the official publication of the Institute.
Digital badge for your intrapreneurs and your organisation to use as a powerful brand differentiator to attract and retain talent!
Initial ‘kick-start’ strategy session with GII Founder Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw to align program with strategic goals.Presentation and Q & A with Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw for a group of your choosing (ELT, Innovation Team, HR)
Presentation and Q & A with Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw for a group of your choosing (ELT, Innovation Team, HR). Presentation pack resources for senior & executive level leaders
Ready-made PPT slide decks and training videos for team leaders, change champions and transformation trailblazers for use in meetings, events, workshops and off-sites.On-line training program for employees to develop the qualities of an intrapreneur
Presentation pack for senior & executive level leaders.An article in INTRAPRENEUR MAGAZINE which is the official global publication of GII
On-line training program for employees to develop the essential qualities of an intrapreneur.Assistance in setting up corporate social impact initiatives
Masterclass on how to develop an inspired, intrapreneurial team.Custom designed programs
Article in INTRAPRENEUR MAGAZINE the official global publication of GII.Participants will progress a major high value project that aligns with organisational goals in parallel with learning and leading Dr. Irena’s intrapreneurial methodology
Work personally with Dr. Irena.
Custom designed program.
Coaching and mentoring with Dr. Irena for key people.
Participants progress a major high-value intrapreneurial project that aligns with organisational goals in parallel with learning Dr. Irena’s intrapreneurial methodology.


*Launch price
Valid Until 30th December 2021

Raise Awareness

$1,500 AUD /Year*

Max 25
Team Members

Unleash Talent

$5,850AUD /Year*

Max 25
Team Members

Fast-track Transformation

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