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About Course

The Professional Certificate of Intrapreneurialism (PCI) develops the new skillset for 21st century career success. Many global reports on the future of work show that there is an increasing demand for higher order cognitive skills, social, emotional and self-leadership skills and future readiness skills. Already research is showing that higher proficiency in such skills is associated with higher likelihood of employment, higher incomes and increased job satisfaction.
These are exactly the skills developed in this certificate program. They also happen to be the INTRAPRENEUR’S skillset. And they are highly transferable across diverse work environments.
This is an active, experiential, participative learning journey custom made for established, emerging and aspiring intrapreneurs. It is ideal for early to mid-career professionals seeking to accelerate their leadership and career development and who want to be genuine change agents. It is excellent preparation for senior leadership roles.
The course activities build skills incrementally. This is not a course for passive consumers of content. This is course for people who are serious about accelerating their development with meaningful practice and experiential learning to embed skills so you can make a genuine impact and contribution.
Ideally you should have an appropriate context in which you can implement the activities. This could be via your current job (whether full-time, part-time or contractual), no matter which sector you are in – corporate, SME, education, NFP, government, or other. Alternatively, if you volunteer within a community organisation or other organisation, this would also be suitable.
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What Will You Learn?

  • The 12 essential skills to be a successful intrapreneur
  • The intrapreneurial mindset
  • The proven intrapreneurial methodology that will bring results for you, your team and your organisation
  • The secrets to enhancing your professional reputation to accelerate your career trajectory
  • The confidence to be a successful change-maker and future-shaper

Course Content

eClass 1 Welcome and Orientation

  • Welcome
  • Program Overview
  • Getting Started

eClass 2 Growth Orientation

eClass 3 Creativity

eClass 4 Opportunity Finding

eClass 5 Influence Part 1

eClass 6 Influence Part 2

eClass 7 The Origin Story

eClass 8 Iconoclasm Part 1

eClass 9 Iconoclasm Part 2

eClass 10 Collaboration

eClass 11 Determination

eClass 12 Risk Taking

eClass 13 Resourceful Problem Solving

eClass 14 Trend Spotting

eClass 15 Change and Learning Agility

eClass 16 Action Taking

eClass 17 Models to Drive Implementation

eClass 18 Initiation

eClass 19 Adaptation

eClass 20 Change

eClass 21 Conversation with an intrapreneur

eClass 22 Collaboration

eClass 23 Experimentation PT 1

eClass 24 Experimentation PT2

eClass 25 Disruption

eClass 26 Wrap Up

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