Intrapreneurialism is the FUTURE OF WORK. As a result of the workplace revolution we are experiencing right now, intrapreneurs will become the most in-demand employees.  So it makes sense to develop your reputation as an INTRAPRENEUR. We can learn to be intrapreneurial. Here are the twelve qualities, capacities and skills to culitvate and nurture in yourself that will help you to become known as an intraprneur. 

  1. Growth orientation: Be prepared to step out of the comfort zone, live in your learning zone, constantly learn new skills, experiment with new ideas and nurture a growth mindset.
  2. Creative: Creativity is not something that only a gifted few are born with. It is a fundamental human capacity. We can all develop our creativity through the deliberate, conscious application of creative processes and tools. The result is that we become more creative.
  3. Opportunity finder: Intrapreneurs have a unique lens through which they look at their work and the world. They see opportunity where others see either failure, or possibility where others see none.
  4. Influential: Intrapreneurs often need to negotiate corporate politics, overcome bureaucratic barriers and enlist the help of others in order to see their intrapreneurial initiatives come to fruition. This is essential therefore to be able to influence others in a way that garners support for your ideas and initiatives. 
  5. Iconoclastic: An iconoclast is someone who challenges established beliefs. In other words, in an organisational context they challenge the status quo and call out default thinking and business-as-usual practices, break the boundaries of established thinking to lead the charge for innovation and positive change.
  6. Collaboration: This is the enabler for recruiting and synthesising expertise from diverse areas. It is a means by which we can leverage the creativity and knowledge of a variety of different people. Pooling skills and perspectives from different sources, be they inside or outside the organisation, means you are more likely to get better outcomes and more innovative solutions. For this you need a good network.
  7. Determination: Intrapreneurs rarely have a smooth run when bring their ideas and initiatives to fruition. Having to deal corporate politics, the short-sightedness or lack of interest of others are just standard hurdles that intrapreneurs need to negotiate regularly. Determination increases your chances of being successful in achieving your goals.
  8. Risk taker: To be intrapreneurial we need to be prepared to take calculated Fear of risk is one of the greatest barriers to intrapreneurialism. Reframe failure as a learning experience and find a way of repurposing it.
  9. Resourceful problem solver: Most workplaces don’t have unlimited funds to throw at projects (even the worthiest ones). That is when the resourcefulness of an intrapreneur comes to the fore. Sometimes the most creative ideas and effective solutions emerge because there was a lack of resources rather than an abundance of them.
  10. Trend spotter: Look ahead of the curve, pay attention to what’s happening in your industry and the world in general, gather data from a variety of sources, and use that information like a compass to inform decisions. This is a huge advantage in a fast-changing world.  
  11. Change agile: This is the ability to anticipate and adapt to shifting circumstances. Be prepared to change your mind and your course of action in the light of new facts, insights and conditions and to learn whatever you need to as you need it.
  12. Action taker: Having a great idea does not create value unless it is put into action. Intrapreneurs are dreamers who DO

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