Individual Certification

Formalise your status as an INTRAPRENEUR with our Professional Certificate of Intrapreneurialism.

Intrapreneurs are in high demand in the new world of work.
Progressive organisations are looking for smart, savvy professionals who are passionate about driving change and innovation AND can demonstrate their skills with a successful track record.

Skyrocket your opportunities and accelerate your career progression by showing the world that you have the personal and professional skills and attributes that make a successful intrapreneur. Enroll in The Professional Certificate of Intrapreneurialism today. 


  • Graduate onboarding and upskilling. Help graduates to become embedded within the organisation quickly, develop their leadership skills, create value and start contributing from the outset. 
  • Leadership development program. Use as an extension or complement to existing in-house offerings to create a pipeline of future-ready, intrapreneurial leaders. 
  • A precursor to in-house incubators and accelerators. By the end of the program some of the project outcomes that participants deliver will be suitable and ready for scaling up. These can be fed directly into internal accelerators for fast progression as much of the groundwork, prototyping and proof-of-concept has already been done through program activities.
  • Facilitate the development of INTRAPRENEURIAL TEAMS. By doing the program together teams learn the common language of intrapreneurialism which will enable them to move quickly and develop a culture of high performance.   
  • Organisational capacity building. Build a critical mass of skilled intrapreneurs within the business to create an agile workforce that confidently drives change, innovation and transformation. 
  • Cross-organisational collaboration. Enroll people from across the organisation in cohorts and to work on joint projects as a way of promoting knowledge-sharing and creativity through multidisciplinary project teams. 
  • Demonstrate to your people that your organisation has a commitment to developing them and investing in their future.