Intrapreneurialism has become the new professional skillset! This is hardly surprising because INTRAPRENEURS bring their enterprising mindset to work every day to find and solve problems and create value. At a time when organisations and businesses in ALL sectors are heeding the urgent call to adapt quickly to a disrupted world, INTRAPRENEURS have emerged as the driving force for change. Interestingly they are not necessarily in OFFICIAL leadership roles although they often ACT like leaders because they are catalysts for positive change and value creation within their organisation. In a post-covid world, they will be instrumental in helping to drive economic recovery. This makes them the MOST VALUABLE of all employees Many progressive corporations are now asking their employees to be intrapreneurs and are even including it in their vision statements. For example:
  • “We ask our employees to behave in an INTRAPRENEURIAL, non-bureaucratic and productive manner.” IBM.
  • “We think, decide and behave in an INTRAPRENEURIAL way.” Union Bank of Switzerland.
  • We ask our employees to be “ENTREPRENEURS”. Siemens.
Research has shown that upgrading even one person from engaged to intrapreneur can create more value than migrating a larger number of disengaged people to the engaged group. So, it makes sense for organisations and individuals to invest in the development of this new all-important skillset and to create a critical mass of intrapreneurs at all levels within the organisation. But encouraging people inside established enterprises to think like entrepreneurs is a relatively recent concept. Consequentially in most organisations, there is now a skills gap when it comes to developing the kind of intrapreneurial thinking that is needed to help organisations and businesses to transform quickly and to be future ready. The Global Intrapreneurs Institute offers a number of ways of fast-tracking the development of intrapreneurial talent. Check out our workshops and programs. Enrol in our Professional Certificate of Intrapreneurialism. (Link to ) Whether you are a budding intrapreneur or an established one, having a professional certificate in this field will declare to the world that you possess the most in-demand skillset of the new world of work.