Let’s Make Business More Beautiful

Presented By:

Tim Leberecht

Co-founder and co-curator of the House of Beautiful Business

Lisbon Portugal


There is no going back to business-as-usual after the COVID-19 pandemic. Tim Leberecht, founder of the House of Beautiful Business, believes we are facing a critical choice: on the one hand, we can enable the ultimate victory of ruthless optimization. An alliance of economism, dataism, and surveillance promoting the kind of data-driven digital Taylorism that seeks to optimize our productivity above everything else.

There is an alternative though: business that is soft, soulful, and socially responsible. Business that allows us to feel good, do good, and feel more. Business that is in tune with nature and is not just human-centered but respects all life on earth. Business that makes us feel alive. In short: business that is beautiful, not just efficient.

Drawing from the arts, his background in the humanities, as well as his 15 years in the design and innovation industry in Silicon Valley, Leberecht provides a thought-provoking and optimistic outlook on the future of business in times of exponential change.