The role of organisational strategies, policies and leadership in fostering intrapreneurial behaviour in less intrapreneurial environments.

Presented By:

Dr Deepthi Wickramaarachchi

Intrapreneurialism researcher

Brisbane Australia / Sri Lanka


Intrapreneurs are vital as they can think beyond the boundaries of their job and responsibilities, pursue innovative opportunities on behalf of the organisation, and can contribute to organisational value creation. Intrapreneurial behaviour (IB) has become strategically important for organisational innovation, performance and renewal. Since intrapreneurial behaviours are self-initiated, they are unlikely to be included in an employees’ job description. The complex nature of IB suggests that there could be numerous factors that foster the IB, particularly in environments that are known as less intrapreneurial. This presentation is based on the research and findings of Dr. Deepthi’s doctoral dissertation. She shares the deep insights on the role of organisational structure, strategies, policies and leadership in fostering IB, particularly the organisations in less intrapreneurial environments.