Why do young people become entrepreneurs in spite of their education?

Presented By:

Dr Paul Browning.

Headmaster St. Paul’s School Brisbane. Australia.

Honorary Fellow Global Intrapreneurs Institute.

Brisbane Australia


Schools are particularly good at killing creativity. Every person is born with the ability to think creatively, but our industrial model of school education conditions creativity out of all but the few. People become entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in spite of their education, not because of it.

If Australians, and the people we educate in Australian schools and institutions, are to successfully compete in a globally competitive labour market we need to transform how education is delivered, shifting systems away from the things we can easily measure (and standardise) and focus on the things that will be of real value: creativity and emotional intelligence.

Young people need to be equipped with the ability to think creatively, to think like innovators, to become, if they choose to do so, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. They need the heart and desire to tackle the global issues we are facing and seek to make a positive difference to the communities in which they will live and work.

With this vision, St Paul’s School has created a unique approach to teaching that embeds creative thinking into every curriculum area and every classroom across the School, supporting those who wish to become entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with the skills and dispositions to be successful.