Intrapreneurs Magazine Issue 1


What is an Intrapreneur

What Richard Branson says about intrapreneurialism

Unlock the hidden profits of your business

Reaching the summit in business

Innovation and intrapreneurialism in education 

Intrapreneurialism in the Not-for-Profit sector

Encouraging intrapreneurialism in small businesses 

7 steps to an intrapreneurial workplace


Rainer Petek

Paul Hodgson

Wendy Agar

Dr Paul Browning

Intrapreneurs Magazine Issue 2


How the Australian Government is promoting INTRAPRENEURIALISM

Why avoiding risks is so risky

The Power and Future of INTRAPRENEURSHIP

The INAUGURAL Australian Intrapreneurs Summit – WRAP UP

Speak up be heard, create change

The rise of the intrapreneur

Unlocking the hidden secret 


Dr Sarah Pearson

Kathryn Dyble

Gareth Bullen

Kelly McCauliffe

Jim Link

Intrapreneurs Magazine Issue 3


What Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur LEANNE KEMP says about INTRAPRENEURIALISM

How technology can help the INTRAPRENEUR to maximise innovation efficiency

How to support INTRAPRENEURSHIP in your business

Have you heard of these INTRAPRENEURS?

Meet Silicon Valley’s Suzan Briganti

Technology applications to support intrapreneurialism

From intrapreneur to business owner


Suzan Briganti





Intrapreneurs Magazine Issue 4


Creativity in the 4th industrial revolution

Could you be an INTRAPRENEUR?

Becoming a diplomatic rebel: David Gram 

Meet the father of INTRAPRENEURIALISM: Gifford Pinchot the 3rd 

Louise Kyhl Triolo dares you to DREAM BIG


Gifford Pinchot

Louise Kyhl Triolo

David Gram

Yusuf Mutamba

Intrapreneurs Magazine Issue 5


Encouraging the internal entrepreneur: Kaihan Krippendorff

Intrapreneurship’s role in corporate legacy: Anne Arneby

How becoming an intrapreneur can boost your career 

The new career path 

Keeping pace with the changing needs of recruitment: Jim Link 

Why hiring intrapreneurs is good for business

Are you an intrapreneur? 


Kaihan Krippendorff

Anne Arneby

Jim Link

Agustin’ Arieu

Intrapreneurs Magazine Issue 6 – Platinum Edition


Issue 6 is our much anticipated PLATINUM Edition. It is a retrospective of ALL our great contributors since we launched. This is one edition you would NOT want to miss because it is jam packed with VALUE.

Find out about how intrapreneurs are innovating, creating and leading in all parts of the world in a wide range of sectors. Gain sights into what is happening with intrapreneurialism in large and small corporations, government, SMEs, education, not-for-profit, consulting, technology, start-ups and social intrapreneurialism.

Our contributors are an exciting and interesting mix of industry  and government leaders, thought leaders, break-through innovators, crusaders, researchers and practitioners – all remarkable people doing remarkable work in the burgeoning field of intrapreneurialism. 


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