GII in collaboration with feedback insights our TRUSTED award EVALUATION partners in Bangalore proudly recognises the wonderful work of intrapreneurs around the world through our annual OUTSTANDING INTRAPRENEUR awards. 

2023 Award Nominations ARE CLOSED. Register for the Global Intrapreneurs Summit and Awards Ceremony to find out who the OUTSTANDING INTRAPRENEURS are for 2023! 

We have expanded the number of award categories because of the overwhelming response we’ve had this year! It is exciting to see the brilliant work being done by so many established and emerging intrapreneurs around the world. 

Award Categories Are:

  • Intrapreneurial Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Young Intrapreneur of the Year
  • Outstanding Intrapreneurial Student
  • Outstanding Intrapreneurial Teams
  • Outstanding Intrapreneurial Leader (Celebrating leaders at all levels who create an environment in which INTRAPRENEURIALISM can flourish and who empower their team members to be INTRAPRENEURS).
  • Outstanding Intrapreneurs in the following sectors:
  • RCorporate
  • REducation
  • RHealthcare
  • RNot -for-profit
  • RGovernment
  • RSME
  • RStart-Up
  • RFaith
  • RCorporate Social Responsibility

    Award winners will be publicly announced at our Global Intrapreneurs Summit and Awards Ceremony Thursday November 9th. The event will be in two time zones to cater for both eastern and western hemispheres.

    (NB: As the focus of this award is on INTRAPRENEURS, business founders / business owners / self-employed consultants / entrepreneurs are not eligible).

    See previous award winners here.

    Our Outstanding Intrapreneur Award Winners have come from very diverse organisations and sectors around the world.