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Intrapreneurs are the most valuable of all employees! They can be the driving force for change within organisations that are seeking rapid transformation. 


And in 2021 their report showed that 69% of employers said that it was even MORE important this year than last.     

Intrapreneurialism is the new professional skillset!


It is the act of thinking and behaving like an ENTREPRENEUR whilst working INSIDE an organisation or business.

Intrapreneurs are that special breed of employees who bring their enterprising spirit to work every day to find opportunities for creating value. In a fast-moving world, intrapreneurs are the high-potential multipliers and positive change agents who are the source of energy and creativity that helps an organisation, to identify & harness change and innovation opportunities.  

Invest in yourself. Register for this unique 3 hour workshop. Build your intrapreneurial skills.

What you’ll learn:

1. What it means to be an intrapreneur and why it is so important right now

2. How to build your professional brand as an intrapreneur and use that to turbo-charge your career

3. A road-tested process for  developing confidence and influence as an agent of positive change

4. Your INTRAPRENEURIAL ARCHETYPE and use that insight to create a career development plan

5. The intrapreneurial skillset and how to use it to future-proof your career.

Experience the satisfaction of unleashing your inner entrepreneur AND create enormous value for your workplace.

“Developing our intrapreneurial skills with Dr. Irena has been hugely beneficial for changing the way we think about our business problems and their solutions.”   K. Dyble. Manager. QSA.

Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw

Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw

Founder Global Intrapreneurs Institute

With a PhD in Creative Problem-Solving and a Master’s Degree in Adult Education, Dr. Irena is a leading authority on intrapreneurialism and a highly experienced educator adept at helping people to liberate their creativity and intrapreneurial talent to solve complex problems, create massive value and be future-ready.  

Her roles include Visiting Global Professor at the Ohio State University, teaching in various graduate and post-graduate programs, strategic advisor on various boards and Editor-in-Chief of INTRAPRENEUR Magazine

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Leaders, emerging leaders, aspiring leaders, change agents, influencers at ALL LEVELS who want to create positive and meaningful transformation while developing their intrapreneurial skills. Ideal for people and teams tasked with driving, catalysing and championing innovation. If your area is undergoing change, this is your opportunity to help shape that.

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